Duathlon & Run Events

    Q. How much do the events cost to enter?

    A. All entry fees are included in the ‘Enter Now’ section of the website. Affiliated club members may be entitled to a discount, please select the relevant category on the registration form. NB: Affiliated is to be a member of a UKA registered running club, or British Triathlon registered Triathlon Club. Entry fees include VAT and processing fee.

    Q. Is there a closing date for entry?

    A. Wednesday 10th August or when sold out

    Q. Can I enter on the day?

    A. No

    Q. Which event should I do?

    A. It depends on your experience and current levels of fitness. Choose an event that will challenge you but is ultimately achievable. You can choose from 5K or sprint duathlon. Duathlons and are multi sport events which require a good level of physical health.

    Q. Can my kids enter?

    A. Children over 11 can enter the 5K, or over 15s can enter the duathlon event. There are 2 Junior events available for children aged 11-15.

    • Sprint Duathlon minimum age limit for participants is 15 years old on the day of the event. Anyone born on or before August 13th 2007
    • 5K minimum age limit for participants is 11 years on the day of the event. Anyone born on or before August 13th 2011
    • Junior Duathlon minimum age limit for participants is 11 years on the day of the event. Anyone born on or before August 13th 2011

    Q. Is there an upper age limit?

    A. No. All that we ask is that any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part should seek medical advice from a general practitioner prior to the event.

    QI haven’t run or cycled in a proper race before? Can I still enter?

    A. Absolutely! This event is just for you. It may be advisable to try a few shorter runs before the event, or a Go-Tri beginner event hosted by British Triathlon. It’s not a race against the clock but a fun and safe way for you to find out how enjoyable running is and to hopefully start you running and cycling regularly.

    Q. Can I transfer my entry to another event or person?

    A. If you have entered one of the Try on the Tyne events but would like to swap events, or transfer your entry so another person, you can do this for an admin fee of £3 by logging in to your Njuko account through the link provided on your confirmation email. The deadline for all transfers is 2nd July 2022

    Q. Will you send me information in advance?

    A. ALL race numbers must be collected from Race Information in Baltic Square – please read the online race guide provided on email for open times. Race information packs will be available for download on the website prior to the event. If you are an overseas entrant your pack will be available for collection from Race Information on event weekend.

    Q. What is included in my race pack?

    A. You will receive the following items:

    • Race number
    • Timing chip (attached to number)
    • Bike Number (if entered in the duathlon)

    Q. Why haven’t I received my entry pack?

    A.Race information packs are not being posted. All entrants must collect their number from Race Information in Baltic Square.

    Q. What do I do if I lose my runner number?

    A. If you realise prior to the event, let us know via email or telephone and we can arrange for another number to be sent to you in advance for a small admin fee. If it is too late to post a number to you we will arrange for a new number which will be available for collection from Race Information on Event Day.

    Q. Do I have to collect sponsorship? Is there a minimum I must collect?

    A. It is not mandatory to run for a charity or collect sponsorship, this is completely your choice. If you would like to run a charity our official charity partner will be announced soon, please email us to request a fundraising pack. Once appointed we will send your details to our charity partner and you’ll be contacted with fundraising advice, but no minimum raise will be requested.

    Q. Where does my sponsorship and entry fee money go?

    A. All monies raised for your chosen charity should be sent direct to that charity.

    Your entry fee contributes to the running of the event and pays for all the site infrastructure, equipment, T-shirts, medals and prizes.

    Q. Can I take part in the event but donate my sponsorship to an alternative charity?

    A. Yes.  Every runner is free to make their own choice if they would like to run for a personal charity close to them.  Where you decide to donate is up to you.

    Q. Is there somewhere that I can park my car?

    A. Full car parking details will be updated nearer the event, there will be limited specific parking sign posted as EVENT CAR PARKING. There are additional car parks within a mile of the start that will be open for runners; Please see below link to a full city centre parking.


    There is a good public transport service operating within a few minutes’ walk of the start. Metros will be running to Gateshead and Newcastle city centres. National train service will also be running to Newcastle central station.

    Parking in the city is limited, so we’re encouraging as many people as possible to use public transport

    Q. I don’t drive – can I get to the venue by public transport?

    A. Newcastle Monument Metro and Newcastle central Stations are the closest to the start and finish area for the 5k and sprint duathlon.

    Q. Do I need to register on the day?

    A. After collecting your number, 5K runners do not need to register at the start. Assemble at the start 20 minutes before your race start time, wearing your race number (incorporates your timing chip) and join the crowds by the start line.

    Sprint and Junior Duathlon please go to TRANSITION (Baltic Square) to register and check-in your bike. Entry to transition will be closed 20 minutes prior to start, please leave enough time to get from transition to the start line.

    Q. What if I forget my race number?

    A. Please go to RACE INFORMATION at the venue. One of the team will check your entry and issue you with an alternative race number.

     Q. What time does the race start? Subject to change – please keep an eye on the website and event emails in the run up to event day.

    The Junior events will be held first, with approximate start times around 08:45. Please check your race information pack for confirmed timings.

    The 5K and Sprint Duathlon will start at 09.30

    Q. Roughly how long will it take to complete the course?

    A. We would expect the majority of runners to complete the:

    5K: 15 minutes – 45 minutes

    Sprint Duathlon: 1 hour – 2 hours

    Remember – it’s not a race…. you can take your time.

    Q. Does the course go on any public roads with traffic?

    A. Yes the course does take you along public roads, but they will all be closed/segregated to traffic for the duration of the race.

    Q. How will I know which way to go?

    A. There will be course signage and marshals at all key junctions to ensure you don’t get lost.

    Q. Will there be any refreshments?

    A. Water stations will be available throughout the route for all duathletes and each runner will be provided with water on completion of the course.

    Isotonic energy drinks will be available during the duathlon.

    Q. I’m injured can’t run what should I do?

    A. Oh no and after all that hard work too! We are sorry you are missing out on the event.

    Please contact info@eventsofthenorth.com to inform the event team of your withdrawal.

    DO NOT PASS YOUR RACE NUMBER on to anyone else, it potentially puts them at a medical risk, we have no medical information or emergency contact details for them. The entry fee is non-transferable and non-refundable, however there could be the possibility of deferring your entry to the following year on production of an official letter from your doctor or physio. The deadline for medical deferrals is 4 weeks prior to the race date.

    Q. What happens if it rains?

    Some of the most successful events have happened in the rain. Our events will only be cancelled if there are severe weather conditions. Make sure you are suitably dressed for the event. If it is drizzling or cold in the morning bring a bin bag to put over your head it will keep you warmer and dry before you set off.

    Q. How difficult will the course be?

    Take a look at the event information on the website which has a map of the route and a course description. The courses have been designed to be fast and as flat as possible, this will make it great for those wanting to post a fast time and also for those first timers too!

    Q. Do I have to run the course?

    A. We advise participants to run/jog/cycle or combine that with fast walking because of the length of time it would take to walk the course. However, there is no restriction at all if you would like to enter and walk. Please make sure you mention this on your entry form or contact the event team. You’ll be positioned accordingly on the start line.

    Q. What facilities will be available?

    A. Toilets will be provided at the start/finish and at each water station on the route. Refreshments will also be available in the start/finish area for runners and spectators at a cost. First aid is located at the start/finish. Unfortunately we are unable to provide showers or changing facilities.

    Q. When will I get my finish time?

    A. Your race will be chip timed.  The timing chip will give you an accurate start and finish time, so there’s no rush to be first over the start line when the gun goes!

    Q. I need to collect my race number on the day where do I collect it from?

    A. You must collect your race number from Race Information at least 45 minutes before the start of the race.

    Q. Can someone take my place?

    A. No. For health and safety reasons we need to ensure that the event organiser has all the details of the runners on the day in case of a medical incident. This is also against UK Athletics and British Triathlon rules.

    Q. Can my dog run alongside me?

    A. For health and safety reasons we cannot allow any pets to participate in any of the events.

    Q. Can I wear headphones and earphones?

    A. For safety reasons, any such items are not permitted to wear during the event

    Q. How can I get in touch with someone if I have further questions?

    A. You can email your questions to info@eventsofthenorth.com 

    QCan I volunteer at the event?

    A. Yes. We’re looking for a large team of volunteers to help us with the delivery of the event. Please register you interest by emailing volunteers@eventsofthenorth.com

    Q. Why is there an entry fee?

    A. The entry fee covers all the unavoidable administrative and organisational costs that make sure the events are safe and enjoyable.

    Q. I can’t run the race now can I have a refund?

    A. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event with the fees covering contractors, suppliers and administration costs.  The entry fee is non-transferable and non-refundable, however there could be the possibility of deferring your entry to the following year on production of an official letter from your doctor or physio. The deadline for medical deferrals is 4 weeks prior to the race date.

    Q. Why is there an age limit?

    A. Unfortunately, due to health and safety, UKA and BTF rules and legal reasons, we cannot accept entries from under 15s in the duathlon.

    11 to 15 year olds can however enter the 5K or Junior Duathlon.

    Q. How secure is the event website?

    A. This website is on a secure server. All the transactional areas of the website including entering events, paying in sponsorship and donating use industry standard 1024 bit SSL encryption.

    Q. Is there a running community out there training for the event?

    A. We have a great following on Facebook and Twitter. There are regulars chatting about the event and sharing training tips. Come and join us.

    Q. I am a local resident, how is this going to impact me?

    A.  To ensure the safety of all runners there will be road closures in place throughout the city which may affect you.  In due course there will be a full traffic management schedule posted on the website and you will receive information about road closures and timings.  If you have any queries or concerns please contact info@eventsofthenorth.com or call 01434 689040

    Q. How can I get involved?

    A. If you don’t want to run but would like to be involved we are looking for a large team of volunteers to help us with the delivery of the event. Please register you interest by e-mailing info@eventsofthenorth.com

    Run clubs, charities and groups: Key areas such as a water station or busy road junction will need a small team of volunteers. We invite your club or group to ‘own’ one of these key areas. Work as a team and take responsibility for an area. Bring along club flags or branding and collect for charity.

    Q. How can I get in touch with someone if I have further questions?

    A. You can email your questions to info@eventsofthenorth.com or call 01434 689040

    Q. I would like to offer a discount over the event weekend as I think I may be able to attract some additional business, can you help?

    A. Great idea and with an additional 1500 runners plus their support in the City it is an ideal opportunity to maximise on sales. We would love to help communicate what you would like to offer. Please keep the offer simple. Email info@eventsofthenorth.com with your business details, contact details and the offer you would like promoted. We will be in touch and start communicating through our Social Media.

    Q. I have a business on the route where the roads are closed, this is going to impact me.

    A. We appreciate that the event may inconvenience certain residents or businesses. We are operating a rolling road closure programme designed with and approved by Gateshead and Newcastle Councils and as such will impact individuals for the shortest time possible to ensure the safety of those participating in the event. All businesses affected by the event will receive an information leaflet explaining which roads are closed, for how long and how you move round.

    Q. How do I find out about Road Closures?

    A full road closure schedule will be posted online when it has been signed off by Newcastle and Gateshead councils.  Disruption will be kept to a minimum and a rolling road closure and reopening schedule will be in place on the day.

    Q. Are there any rules for the bike leg? Yes please see the below Cycling Limitation rules set out by British Triathlon

    “A competitor is not permitted to, Block other competitors, Cycle with a bare torso, Make forward progress without being in possession of the bike, Use a different bike during the competition than the one checked-in, Draft off another competitor or vehicle in a draft-illegal race, Dispose of litter on the course, unless in specified littering zones provided by the Event Organiser. b.)

    “Dangerous Behaviour, Competitors must obey the specific traffic regulations for the event, unless the Event Organiser advises otherwise, Competitors leaving the field of play for safety reasons have to return to it without gaining any advantage. If advantage is gained due to this action, the competitor will receive a time penalty, Dangerous riding may result in a penalty. This includes but is not limited to passing another competitor on the wrong side, Competitors must ensure that his or her cycle is in a safe and roadworthy condition. Unsafe cycles will not be allowed to start the race. During the event, competitors are individually responsible for the repair of their machines, Competitors must wear and have clearly visible the official race number, facing backwards, Competitors must follow the prescribed cycle route.”

    Please refer to the British Triathlon site in order to check whether or not your bike adheres to the rules: https://www.britishtriathlon.org/britain/documents/events/competition-rules/british-triathlon-competition-rules-2019.pdf

    Q. Is this a draft-legal or draft illegal duathlon?

    This is a Draft-Illegal event. Any drafting can result in disqualification Rules as set out by British Triathlon include the following:

    “Drafting is forbidden of another competitor or motor vehicle. Competitors must reject attempts by others to draft; (ii) A competitor is entitled to any position on the course, provided they get to that position first and without contacting others. When taking a position, a competitor must allow reasonable space for others to make normal movements without making contact. Adequate space must be available before passing; (iii) A competitor who approaches from any position to take advantage of the draft, bears responsibility for avoiding the draft; (iv) To draft is to enter the bicycle or vehicle drafting zone:

    • Sprint distance: the bicycle draft zone will be 10 metres long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. A competitor may enter the draft zone of another competitor, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another competitor”

    Q. How do I proceed through the transition area?

    A. Please refer to rules set out by British Triathlon in order to pass through transition in a safe manner


    Q. Do I have to wear bike shoes? 

    A. If you are used to and are comfortable wearing bike shoes for the cycle leg you can do so, however we would not recommend wearing them if you have not practised before hand. You are allowed to use cage pedals and ride in your running trainers.

    Q. Do I have to wear a helmet?

    A. Yes all competitors must be wearing a fastened helmet at all times when they are in control of their bike.

    Q. How will I know where my bike is in transition?

    A. Bike racks will be numbered. On arrival to transition locate your numbered area and kit box and remember where this is in relation to the entry and exit routes.

    Q. How does transition work?

    All runners will enter transition and prepare for their bike sector, please make sure you have adhered to the British Triathlon rules (https://www.britishtriathlon.org/competitionrules) and exit via the ‘Bike out’ gate. Once you have finished your bike leg you will enter transition via the ‘Bike In’ gate. Get your trainers on and head out on your second run leg and you will have successfully navigated your way through transition. A full guide and maps of our transitions will be available in your race pack prior to the event.

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