Project Restart – I’ve done it before and can do it again

    2020 started so well. I crossed the finish line of my second of two Park Runs on New Year’s Day and debated my challenges for the year ahead.

    I was in the transition of a two year journey in which I had changed my lifestyle and found a healthier and fitter me… a version of me that I was proud of.

    I committed to completing an event every month and pushing new boundaries – my first half-marathon and a first ever Triathlon (Try on the Tyne) were my key goals.

    Of course, I had no idea what was to follow…

    The first lockdown came and I maintained momentum. I continued running and managed to complete my first, second and third Half Marathon distance runs. I signed up for a gruelling challenge to achieve 1000km (virtually covering the state of Tennessee) from May to August – on reflection I think this was the start of a negative turn. I picked up a number of small injuries, but keen to complete I kept pushing back to complete the challenge. This took more out of me than I appreciated.

    I can look to the subsequent lockdowns, working from home and poor weather as reasons for my drop in activity but I know I am accountable. I let it go, my fitness dropped, I picked up quarantine weight and I found it harder to get out and restart.

    …but today is my new dawn. I was delighted to be contacted and asked to continue my role as an Events of the North ambassador for the Try on the Tyne event in August.

    This is the motivation I needed. Slowly but surely I am running again. I have dusted off my bike and managed a few longer rides.

    I know what I need to do, I have done it before… and I know I can do it again.


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