The plan is to ramp up my training now!

    Katy has had a busy end to the summer term but now the holidays are here she’s ramping things up in her training with a mix of running, volunteering and classes. Her latest blog is here.

    “It’s been a busy end to the end of Summer Term and Friday came not a day too soon! Certainly, it was a delirious crawl to the last day finish line – a marathon of a year, not a sprint!

    That being said, my plan is to ramp-up training for the Try on the Tyne 10k and then the Great North Run now that I’ve got the time. In the past few weeks, I’ve mostly run with GoodGym Newcastle on Monday evenings as part of their weekly group run to help a charity. These are a range of distances but often include the challenge of a hill, with it being in the centre of the city! As well as the run, we’ve worked on sprinting techniques and strength training, all good training, but I’m looking forward to longer and more frequent runs in the coming months, too.

    On top of this little bit, I’ve been doing some HIIT classes – kettlebells and circuit mostly. I always find it good for me to mix up my exercise this way, or else I get bored and also find my body gets used to the same routines and begins to complain at anything new! Kettlebells is a particular favourite of mine because it’s easily adaptable to your ability – just alter the weight! The instructor is a good friend of mine and always pushes us hard in a full body workout so I know I’m getting the most out of it.

    Since it was the end of term, I also treated myself to some new trainers! I haven’t ever spoken to anyone properly about what I should wear, I’ve always picked what I liked the look of, decided if they felt comfy and gave them a go (I bet some seasoned runners are screaming at that now!). However, I took myself to a proper running specialist shop and they did some gait analysis and helped me find a comfortable and supportive trainer. When I put them on, I could immediately tell they’d be much better for my feet but still keep me comfortable. I also tried them for a few short runs without a specialist insole but will definitely be going back for the gel insole they recommended.

    In a few weeks time when I blog again, I hope that I can tell you I’ve got a few more 10k+ training runs under my belt. I’ve got myself my bike to take me to some different areas so I can get a good range of terrains and inclines. I also plan to take a look at the route for the Try on the Tyne and practice there if I can.”

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