Jon Moss

    As I write this the world is in a crazy unprecedented situation, and Tri On The Tynes event in August seems a long way away, hopefully, by then everything will have returned to normal. But I still have one eye firmly on making the podium in the duathlon. I started duathlon in 2015 after a suggestion by my then coach, he thought I may be good at run bike run events due to my history as a professional mountain biker and the fact I had just started running and taken to it well. I had success pretty much immediately in fact winning Kielder run bike run event which lit the torch for me to pursue it further. In 2016 I was lucky enough to represent Great Britain at the world championships over in Spain for my age group. Everything was going well and in early 2017 I was racing in the European championships when disaster struck, I put a tear in my Achilles which was agony and pretty much destroyed my year and will. It wasn’t until 2019 with a new girlfriend who competes in triathlon the spark was relit, I entered Try On The Tyne placed 5th which confirmed my return to multi-sport racing, I then attended a qualifier for the 2020 World Championships and I am happy to say I got a place on the team. So as it stands my two goal races luckily fall later in the year, Try On The Tyne and the World Duathlon Championships. This all depends on the world not ending because of Covid-19!

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    • Name
      Jon Moss
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      Sprint Duathlon
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      Preparation for the Duathlon World Championships